Family Proceedings

Supporting you when you need to be there for your family

We are an empathetic and experienced team who can help you arrive at the right outcome for when you are facing some of the most difficult and emotive challenges.

Problems within the family are unsurprisingly some of the most emotive and difficult to deal with, which is why you need an empathetic and experienced professional to steer you through uncertainty to a calm outcome and the right solution.


Our team of specialist family solicitors cover more than matrimonial problems. The range of experience and expertise within the team ensure we can help you with the full range of matters dealt with by family law. We're here to support you at every stage of the process. 


Our family team can assist at every stage, even pre-emptively if required. Depending on your circumstances, we can offer - among other advice:


  • Guidance and advice on matrimonial break ups, separation and divorce
  • Clear information and strategy on the financial consequences of ending relationships
  • Holistic planning for the future needs of the family in non-contentious situations
  • Mediation and negotiation to exhaust all avenues before matters become litigious; or
  • Powerful representation if cases lead to litigation


Constructive, not confrontational

Family issues can get messy quickly. To help resolve family disputes, we advise on every aspect of the relationship, including:


  • Custody matters and access, plus child arrangement orders
  • Pre and post nuptial agreements
  • The law on cohabitation
  • Divorce and separation
  • Financial settlements

Family law and beyond


Family law problems are often wrapped up with other legal issues. That's why working with a team that has extensive specialist expertise in all other related areas puts our experience and knowledge in your hands. 


Other areas of the firm, such as our Wills and Probate team or Residential Conveyancing team, offer a complete management and resolution of all your concerns and issues, designed to protect your future and that of your family.




Getting the best financial arrangement for you


Financial issues could come to light when a marriage or partnership breaks down within the family. To avoid legal issues becoming highly contentious, we approach all family law matters with discretion and understanding. 


Firstly, we will seek to understand your needs and deliver advice that meets the reality of your situation and consider the best outcome for you. Options for financial settlements after a relationship breakdown can include regular maintenance payments, a lump sum, transfers of property or the selling and division of pensions.


Depending on the circumstances of your case, a positive outcome for you will be our main priority whether through negotiation or, if necessary, approaching the courts for a resolution.


Arrangements for Children


You can rely on us to put your children's interests first


On separation, whether you are married or cohabiting, your children's interests and wellbeing will be your utmost priority. At KaurMaxwell, we will treat it as ours too.


By carefully assessing your situation, we will help you try and achieve those arrangements by negotiating, mediating and, if necessary, through the courts.


Our team are experienced with all matters involving children and can provide expert advice on all queries regarding child-related proceedings.


Prenuptial Agreements


No one knows what the future brings but we will protect you regardless


Getting to difficult and often awkward conversations early in the marriage process is often the best way to avoid legal issues later. Although pre-nuptial agreements or "prenups" are the last thing couples want to discuss before tying the knot, the level of protection means they are becoming more common.


If considering a prenup or if you're being asked to sign one, we recommend seeking legal advice as soon as possible to ensure your financial position is protected.


Post-nuptials, where the couple enter into an agreement after getting married are also available. 


If you intend to cohabit with a partner, get married or are already married or living together, we can help. Our team of specialist family lawyers can prepare an agreement to reflect your intentions and protect your interests.


High Net-Worth Individuals


Being a high net-worth individual often comes with its own challenges, outside of the already tough situation you may be facing. We deal with high net-worth clients, both nationally and internationally, on an everyday basis and are in a unique position when it comes to understanding the right approach to take and the implications of certain actions. 


Your choice of lawyer is a critical decision, no matter your net-worth, but you need one that understands and has experience in dealing with the many unique situations you may be faced with. 


We are fully equipped with advising you to ensure that your interests are protected at all costs, and we deal with matters sensitively, efficiently and decisively.