Insolvency & Restructuring

Carefully understanding the situation and creatively carving solutions.

Whatever the cause of you or your company's financial difficulty, we are here to support you.

Whether your matter is contentious or non-contentious, we are equipped with handling cases, often complex, with due care and expertise. We provide advice to a wide range of individuals and companies, including insolvency practitioners, lenders and creditors. Our advice ranges from contingency planning, negotiating agreements, corporate restructuring all the way to formal insolvencies.

Undergoing financial distress or being the office holder in charge can often be taxing. Thanks to our dedicated team, we help alleviate your concerns by providing practical relevant advice suited to your issue. This allows you to reduce your concerns knowing your matter is in safe hands, with minimal costs.

If you are facing uncertain times and in financial distress, this need not be the end of the road. We provide clients with various options so you can properly assess what your best option is. 

How our Insolvency & Restructuring team can help

Our insolvency and restructuring team offer expertise in the following areas: 

  • Non-contentious insolvency advice for insolvency practitioners
  • Contentious insolvency advice for insolvency practitioners
  • Debt and asset recovery 
  • Directors disqualification defences
  • Business restructuring advisory services
  • Insolvency liquidation
  • Personal insolvency advisory services
  • Property insolvency 
  • Advice for lenders and creditors