Wills, Estates and Legacy Disputes

Wills, Estates and Legacy Disputes

Our personal approach ensures that we are able to fully understand your needs, in an already sensitive situation.

There are occasions when familial disputes arise, and there is a breakdown of relationships and trust. This can make it difficult to organise or facilitate family matters and can cause significant stress and emotional angst. We are here to lessen your burden and navigate any dispute by taking away the stress. This will allow you to focus on your emotional needs at what would be a really difficult time for you.

Whether it is a contested Will, a financial claim under the Inheritance Provisions Act, or a contested probate issue, we can assist in taking the lead in furthering your position with a view to resolving the dispute at hand. Our personal and bespoke approach ensures that we are able to fully understand your needs, in an already sensitive situation and create an environment that feels safe for you to share your instructions.

We value relationships and our expertise is built on maintaining positivity. In these difficult circumstances, our priority will always be you. We will always provide you with realistic advice in relation to your dispute, and/or continuous advice pursuant to the merits of any dispute. Our advice is tailored to your needs so that you are able to maintain relationships in these difficult circumstances. Our goal is to provide you with solutions to any familial dispute, in an attempt to rebuild your own relationships.

Whether you are a business or an individual, our team can tailor their advice specifically to you and your objectives. For businesses, we appreciate this may involve trust disputes and/or estate disputes. We will aim to resolve any estate disputes as efficiently as people so that trustees and/or beneficiaries are not put at a disadvantage as a result of any proceedings and/or dispute.