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About Us

KaurMaxwell is an independent law firm, comprising of a fierce and dedicated team, with offices in London and strong connections worldwide. For us, independence is not just about our business status. It's a state of mind. It's the foundation of our clear, no-nonsense approach to law.

We are committed to understanding you and your business and offering you creative options that you may not have considered possible. To our core, we champion a progressive way of thinking and tailor our advice to obtain a winning formula. And that is why we do things very differently at KaurMaxwell.

Unlike most traditional firms, we are changing law firm culture, making it much more transparent, client-focused and positive. This is something we care about deeply and we are leading by example. We are flexible, we are cost-effective, and we actually care about the outcome you want. The proof is in the results we deliver to our clients daily, and our progressive culture is evident in our team who provide the no-nonsense service upon which we have built our reputation.

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Our clients range from visionary entrepreneurs and startups to SMEs to international corporations.