Commercial & Contractual Disputes

Providing resolutions to contractual concerns.

Our team of experts will assist you with any contractual or commercial issue you may face and help you achieve the outcome you desire.

Commercial and contractual disputes may take various forms. Whether it is for a large company, a partnership, a start-up or an entrepreneur, we will guide you through complex and high value commercial issues. The realisation of your objective is at the forefront of every step we take, whether it is during negotiations, before an arbitrator or a judge. We take pride in fiercely defending your interests. 

We endeavour to reach swift and cost-effective resolutions outside of the court's ambit. However, if this is not possible and the gloves need to come off then our team of experts will robustly fight your corner so we can deliver results in line with your objectives. Just recently, we successfully represented various clients with complex circumstances before the County Court and the High Court where the validity of the contracts was challenged. We relied on technical as well as creative solutions to ensure the clients were able to successfully rely on the contract to seek damages and interest for any relevant contractual breaches. Whether the agreement governing the parties' relationship is oral or not or it involves cross-border aspects, we will guide you throughout with tailored and no-nonsense advice. We will also assist you with any necessary recovery and enforcement action. 

We will seek to implement decisive strategies at the outset in order to ensure a resolution is expediated. With the right team behind you, making your commercial needs and challenges a priority, you will navigate with ease and confidence through what might be a complex and stressful commercial challenge. 

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