Probate and Estate Administration

Support when you need it the most

Our specialist private client law team are committed to providing individuals and their families with quality advice in a compassionate, timely and cost-effective manner.

The loss of a family member or close friend is a distressing experience. You may feel unprepared to deal with the various aspects of administering the Estate or you may be unclear about what you need to do next.

This can be a lengthy process that includes:

  • Collecting in and realising assets
  • Discharging debts
  • Preparing detailed Estate accounts
  • Identifying and locating beneficiaries
  • Calculating and paying inheritance tax
  • Clearing and selling any property
  • Distributing the Estate in accordance with the Will or - where there is no Will attending to the Rules of Intestacy.

Our team can assist you as a personal representative (an executor or administrator) of an Estate. We understand that this is often a very difficult time and therefore you will find our solicitors to be sympathetic, understanding, supporting and assisting you with the paperwork and bureaucracy associated with a loss.

We can also deal with the Estate administration to ensure you follow the correct process. It is important that no errors are made as the Executor or Administrator can face personal liability for any losses that the estate incurs, even if there is a genuine error.

We work proactively to deal with an application for a Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration without delay and to finalise estate affairs as soon as possible.

We also have colleagues with adjacent areas of expertise who can assist with matters such as the sale of a property and/or shares, should this be necessary. We are happy to do as little or as much as you need in an Estate administration, tailoring our services to meet your requirements.