For Lenders and Creditors

Keeping your interests protected

The world of insolvency and restructuring can appear to be a daunting and overwhelming system to navigate. We regularly advise creditors at all levels to protect and enforce their interests.

Our Insolvency and Restructuring team provide a wide range of tailored legal advice and services to lenders and creditors, including:

  • Security Enforcement
  • Debt Recovery
  • Security Reviews
  • Enforcing Guarantees
  • Legal support for Insolvency Practitioners

Creditors must act quickly and decisively when dealing with a debtor in financial distress. Failure to act promptly, can result in the difference between recovery of the assets in full or a considerable loss. Dealing with an insolvent entity in relation to unpaid debts can be daunting and stressful, it is important that you obtain legal advice that you can trust and rely on.

Our team of experienced lawyers provide clear and pragmatic advice in all expects of enforcing rights, recovery and remedies. We provide a transparent service based on merits, allowing our clients to have a realistic understanding of the associated risks, the likelihood of success and the options available.

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