For Insolvency Practitioners - Contentious Insolvency

In your corner through all rounds of insolvency

Whatever action is required to bring against directors who have acted wrongly, we have the relevant expertise to bring them successfully, using both our knowledge and local and international resources.

Contentious Insolvency can often be a complex area requiring technical expertise and a specialist level of skill. Our experienced team will provide you with the dedication required to see any contentious matter through to the end, whether that be by bringing complex matters to a head or negotiating settlements. 


If, during an IP's investigations into the events and circumstances of the company's insolvency, it becomes apparent that the directors have profited from their position as directors (other than by remuneration) or have used company property for their own benefit, it is incumbent on the IP to take steps to recover that property. 


The ramifications against directors of a company can be severe, but the know-how in bringing such actions is a must. Starting any action requires a thorough investigation and research as a starting point. Once this important stage has been undertaken, starting legal proceedings will be the necessary next step. Actions against directors often include bringing claims for: misfeasance, wrongful/fraudulent trading, preferential payments, transactions at an undervalue and/or unlawful payment of dividends. Once this part is complete, the final stage is making a recovery and thereafter distributing any recoveries to creditors. We deal with enforcement actions regularly and have both local and international asset tracers to assist in the recovery of the assets. 


We work with top insolvency firms in the UK and assist them in not only contentious insolvency cases, but also the non-contentious. We provide our clients with efficient and accurate advice in order to assist them in making the requisite decisions in the interests of creditors and we do this in the most cost-efficient way.