Shareholder and Management Disputes

Bridging any differences

Our litigation expertise, aligned with our corporate mindset, will best bridge any differences arising between shareholders and the management of a corporation. Whether you seek advice in relation to a potential shareholder/management dispute or whether a dispute has already crystalised, we will guide you through each step and offer you solutions that are bespoke to your objectives.

We understand the conflicts that may arise between decisions from the corporation's board of directors and shareholders' interest as well as the impact it can have on yourself and the business. We have extensive experience advising on complex shareholder disputes where the interests of majority and minority shareholders differ. In such cases, ascertaining the objectives and interest of each party, as well as that of the business, is primordial so we can reach a solution in a cost-effective manner and with the least disturbance to the business. 


Our specialist team have considerable experience in negotiations and settlement agreements where finesse and swiftness are qualities exercised to help you exit any deadlock. This is particularly useful in cases where a decision is being blocked due to divergences of interests. However, where recourse to legal proceedings is not preventable, our fierce team will provide you with bespoke strategies to help you achieve your objectives. 


Whether as a shareholder you believe the management of the company is conducted in a way that is unfairly prejudicial to the shareholders' interest; or whether you seek advice in relation to a derivative claim, it is primordial to seek legal advice as soon possible. You will be supported by a team that will make your business their priority. This will ensure that the right steps are taken from an early stage to help minimise the risks involved. 


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