Director & Shareholder Disputes Lawyers

Our solicitors for Shareholder Disputes and Director Disputes aim to bridge differences

At KaurMaxwell: independent law firm, our litigation expertise aligned with our corporate mindset, will best bridge any differences arising between shareholders and the management of a corporation. Whether you seek advice in relation to a potential shareholder/management dispute or whether a dispute has already crystallised, we will guide you through each step and offer you solutions that are bespoke to your objectives.


We understand the conflicts that may arise between decisions from the corporation's board of directors and shareholders' interest as well as the impact it can have on yourself and the business. We have extensive experience advising on complex shareholder disputes where the interests of majority and minority shareholders differ. In such cases, ascertaining the objectives and interest of each party, as well as that of the business, is primordial so we can reach a solution in a cost-effective manner and with the least disturbance to the business. 


Our specialist team have considerable experience in negotiations and settlement agreements where finesse and swiftness are qualities exercises to help you exit any deadlock. This is particularly useful in cases where a decision is being blocked due to divergences of interests. However, where recourse to legal proceedings is not preventable, our fierce team will provide you with bespoke strategies to help you achieve your objectives. 


Whether as a shareholder you believe the management of the company is conducted in a way that is unfairly prejudicial to the shareholders' interest; or whether you seek advice in relation to a derivative claim, it is primordial to seek legal advice as soon as possible. You will be supported by a team that will make your business their priority. This will ensure that the right steps are taken from an early stage to help minimise the risks involved. 


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Shareholder Disputes

Shareholder disputes can arise from various issues, including disagreements over company direction, dividend payments, or breaches of shareholder agreements. Our experienced solicitors understand the intricacies of shareholder disputes and provide expert legal advice tailored to your unique situation.

Our Approach to Shareholder Disputes

Our approach is twofold: we first aim for a negotiated solution, preserving business relationships and avoiding costly litigation. However, if contentious options become necessary, our litigation team is well-equipped to represent your interests robustly.

Negotiated Solution

Our first step is always to understand the root cause of the dispute. By facilitating open communication between parties, we often find that many disputes can be resolved without resorting to legal action. Our dispute resolution team has a successful track record in achieving amicable solutions.

Contentious Options

When negotiation isn't feasible, our team is prepared to take the matter to court. With a deep understanding of the Companies Act and the rights of shareholders in England and Wales, we provide robust representation to ensure your rights are upheld.

Our Shareholder Disputes Expertise

From minority shareholder claims to unfair prejudice petitions, our expertise spans a wide range of disputes. We also have extensive experience in derivative actions and disputes relating to breaches of the company's articles of association.

Director & Shareholder Disputes: where lawyers can make a difference 

Disputes between directors and shareholders can have a significant impact on a company's operations. Our solicitors provide expert guidance, ensuring that both parties understand their legal position and the best interests of the company are maintained.

Expert Director & Shareholder Dispute Resolution Solicitors in London

With offices in London, our team offers a national perspective on director and shareholder disputes. We've successfully resolved disputes for clients across various sectors, ensuring that the company's success remains at the forefront.

Negotiated Dispute Resolution Options for Shareholders

Our preference is always to resolve disputes amicably. Through mediation and other alternative dispute resolution methods, we've helped many clients avoid the costs and stress of litigation.

Shareholder Dispute Court Claims and Defence Solicitors

When court action is unavoidable, our litigation team provides robust representation. From initial filings to representation in court, we stand by our clients every step of the way.

Section 994 – Minority Shareholder Disputes

Section 994 of the Companies Act provides protection for minority shareholders against unfair prejudice. Our team has extensive experience in representing both claimants and respondents in such disputes.

Alternative Dispute Resolution – Mediation & Arbitration

We believe in exploring all avenues for resolution. Our team is skilled in both mediation and arbitration, often achieving resolutions without the need for court intervention.

Director & Shareholder Dispute Litigation Costs & Service Transparency

At KaurMaxwell, we believe in transparency. We provide clear guidance on potential legal costs and always keep our clients informed throughout the process.

Director Disputes

Director disputes can arise from various issues, including breaches of fiduciary duties, disagreements over company direction, or personal conflicts. Our team provides expert advice, ensuring that the company's best interests are always prioritised.

Shareholder and Director Disputes

Whether it's a dispute between shareholders, directors, or a combination of both, our team offers comprehensive legal solutions. We understand the complexities involved and provide tailored advice to protect your interests.

Dispute Resolution: The Objective of Our Director and Shareholder Disputes Lawyers

Our dispute resolution team is experienced in resolving both shareholder and director disputes. Through negotiation, mediation, or litigation, we strive to achieve the best possible outcome for our clients.

Why Choose KaurMaxwell for Shareholder Disputes and Director Disputes?

  • Expertise & Recognition: Our disputes experts are recognised leaders in their field, offering extensive knowledge in both UK and EU intellectual property law.
  • Diverse & Comprehensive Expertise: The team at KaurMaxwell brings together diverse expertise in areas such as civil and commercial litigation, property law, employment, insolvency and restructuring law.
  • International Network: We collaborate with a vast international network of patent and trademark agents to meet our clients’ registration requirements globally.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a shareholder dispute?

A shareholder dispute arises when there's a disagreement between the shareholders of a company, often relating to the company's direction, management, or operations.

How can mediation help in resolving shareholder disputes?

Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution where a neutral third party helps the disputing parties reach a mutually agreeable solution. It's often quicker and less costly than litigation.

What rights do minority shareholders have?

Minority shareholders have various rights, including protection against unfair prejudice. They can also bring derivative actions in certain circumstances.

What services do your experienced solicitors offer for shareholder disputes and director disputes?

Our solicitors specialise in handling shareholder disputes and director disputes. They provide legal services related to resolving disputes between shareholders, partnership disputes, director and shareholder disputes, and cross-border disputes.

What is the role of a solicitor in a shareholder dispute or director dispute?

A solicitor plays a crucial role in resolving shareholder disputes and director disputes. They provide legal advice, represent their clients in negotiations and court proceedings, and help find the most appropriate dispute resolution methods.

What does the term "unfair prejudice" mean in the context of shareholder disputes?

"Unfair prejudice" refers to situations in which the actions or decisions of majority shareholders or company directors unfairly prejudice the rights or interests of minority shareholders. It can include situations where minority shareholders are excluded from important decisions or denied access to company information.

How can your solicitors help me with legal costs in a shareholder dispute or director dispute?

Our solicitors understand that legal costs can be a concern in shareholder disputes and director disputes. They can provide guidance on cost-effective dispute resolution methods, such as mediation, and help minimise unnecessary legal expenses.

Do your solicitors have expertise in dealing with disputes between shareholders?

Yes, our solicitors have extensive expertise in handling disputes between shareholders. They have experience in resolving conflicts related to share ownership, voting rights, dividends, and other matters that may arise among shareholders.

What is the difference between litigation and alternative dispute resolution in the context of shareholder disputes?

Litigation refers to resolving disputes through court proceedings, where a judge makes a final decision. Alternative dispute resolution methods, such as mediation, negotiation, or arbitration, offer more flexible and efficient ways to resolve shareholder disputes without going to court.

How can your solicitors help in resolving director and shareholder disputes?

Our solicitors can provide strategic advice and representation in resolving director and shareholder disputes. They have the expertise to navigate complex legal issues related to company director duties, shareholding rights, and other matters that may arise in such disputes.

What should I do if I believe a director has breached their duties to the company?

If you suspect a director has breached their duties to the company, it is advisable to seek legal advice as soon as possible. Our solicitors can assess the situation, gather relevant evidence, and guide you through the appropriate legal actions to protect your interests.

Can your solicitors help with partnership disputes?

Yes, our solicitors have experience in handling partnership disputes. They can provide advice and representation to resolve conflicts that may arise between partners, address issues related to profit sharing, decision-making, or partner departures.

What sets your shareholder dispute solicitors apart from others?

Our shareholder dispute solicitors have a strong track record of successfully resolving business disputes quickly and effectively. They have extensive experience in dealing with a wide range of shareholder disputes and understand the complexities involved in protecting shareholder rights and business interests.