Property Development Solicitors

Making complex property development simple

At KaurMaxwell, our property development team is here to assist and advise with your development, regardless of the size. From a single local plot to large-scale property development, we operate to ensure everything runs smoothly and to plan.

Friendly yet direct, our property development team throws everything into every case, and we understand complex processes need constant communication between all parties, at all times.

Uniquely, we offer a bespoke case management system to our clients that keeps you in control and gives you visibility and transparency across everything we assist you with.

From small landowners and building contractors to regional and national housing developers alike, our team provides a bespoke service for each residential and commercial development.

Given the complexities involved with property development, there are many different areas to consider. That is why our experienced team will be by your side throughout the entire process, offering expert legal advice and guidance on all matters from site acquisition right through to site setup and final disposal.

We go the extra mile, ensuring we give you the best opportunity to get the outcome you desire whilst protecting your interests.

Our specialist team provides advice and support in the following areas:

  • Effective structuring of the transaction, including property development vehicles, joint ventures, and corporate structures;
  • Drafting and negotiating on strategic land purchases such as options, pre-emption’s, collaboration agreements, joint ventures, conditional contracts;
  • Site assembly;
  • Plot sales, preparing commercial and residential estate disposal documentation. This includes fair (but robust) and clear drafting of estate leases and transfers to create an integrated and self-sustaining management regime that will engage commercial occupiers and residents; and 
  • Property dispute resolution, litigation and managing the fall-out from insolvency.

What does a property development solicitor do?

Role of a property development solicitor

Our property development solicitors advise developers on legal aspects such as strategic land, regeneration projects, and joint ventures. They render specialised legal services for property developers and offer in-house legal support from the law firm, maximising opportunities in property development.

Legal services for property developers

Property development solicitors at KaurMaxwell offer comprehensive legal services for both commercial and residential property development. In their role as experienced property lawyers, they steer clients through managing plot sales, ensuring adherence to property law, and addressing legal elements specific to commercial and residential development.

Commercial property development legal support

Our legal professionals have extensive experience in commercial property development. As property development solicitors, our team offer strategic legal guidance for joint ventures and effective resolution of commercial property disputes.

Property finance and development

Our Property development solicitors assist in navigating complexities related to property finance, ensuring efficient handling of residential and commercial property disputes.

Advising on residential development projects

At KaurMaxwell, we have the expertise to advise on various aspects of residential development projects, including dealing with landowners and occupiers, and addressing legal aspects of social housing development.

Legal aspects of property development

Legal agreements in property development

Our Property development solicitors handle a wide range of legal agreements in property development, ensuring compliance with property law and overseeing plot sales and disposals.

Compliance with property law in development projects

Ensuring compliance with property law is a key role of our property development solicitors. They navigate legal considerations in both commercial and residential property development to ensure a seamless process.

Handling plot sales and disposals

Efficient handling of plot sales and disposals is critical in property development, and property development solicitors provide the necessary legal support to ensure smooth transactions.

Challenges in property development law

Dealing with landowners and occupiers in development projects

One of the challenges in property development law is dealing with landowners and occupiers, and property development solicitors provide the legal support required to address these issues.

Addressing legal aspects of social housing development

Legal implications of social housing development require specialised legal expertise, and property development solicitors are equipped to navigate these complexities.

Navigating complexities in property development finance

The legal implications of property development finance can be intricate, and property development solicitors provide strategic support in navigating these complexities.

Strategies to overcome legal hurdles in property development

Our development solicitors at KaurMaxwell offer strategic legal support to overcome various legal hurdles that may arise in property development projects.

Benefits of hiring a property development solicitor

Expert advice for property developers

Our property development specialists provide expert advice, enabling developers to make informed decisions and maximise opportunities in property development.

Risk management and compliance in development projects

By ensuring risk management and compliance in development projects, our property development team helps developers mitigate potential legal issues.

Efficient handling of residential and commercial property disputes

Our property specialist efficiently handle residential and commercial property disputes, offering swift and effective resolutions.

Maximising opportunities in property development through legal insight

Property development experts enable developers to maximise opportunities through their legal insight and expertise in property development.

Strategic legal support for property finance and joint ventures

Our solicitors provide strategic legal support for property finance and joint ventures, ensuring smooth and compliant transactions.

Why Choose KaurMaxwell as your property Development Solicitor?

Choosing KaurMaxwell solicitors means working with a team of dedicated professionals.

Comprehensive Expertise

The team at KaurMaxwell brings together diverse expertise in civil and commercial litigation, property lawemployment, insolvency and restructuring law.

Proven Track Record

Cases against major law firms have been successfully led by team members. Success has been demonstrated by their strategic thinking and ability to achieve desired results.

Multilingual Support

Our team is fluent in multiple languages (Spanish, Punjabi, Hindi, Tagalog, Gujarati, French, Twi, Kurdish, and English, allowing us to serve a diverse client base with ease.


Based in London, our solicitors are easily accessible to clients across the UK. We're here to assist you, whether in person, over the phone, or through virtual calls.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How can a property development lawyer assist in commercial development?

A property development lawyer can assist in commercial development by providing legal guidance on various commercial development projects, promotion agreements, stamp duty land tax, and other legal matters related to commercial property development.

What types of clients do property development solicitors typically represent?

Property development solicitors typically represent a broad range of clients, including commercial property developers, landowners, housebuilders, and stakeholders involved in the development process.

How do property development solicitors support landowners in development projects?

Property development solicitors act for landowners by providing legal advice and representation in various development and real estate matters, ensuring that their interests are protected throughout the development process.

What are the key legal considerations for commercial property developers?

Commercial property developers must address legal considerations related to land and property, environmental law, procurement, and compliance with regulations governing commercial development.

How do property development solicitors assist clients in navigating complex property transactions?

Property development solicitors assist clients in navigating complex property transactions by overseeing legal due diligence, negotiating contracts, and ensuring compliance with relevant laws and regulations.