Land & Property Litigation

Your dispute, our solutions.

Property disputes can be wide ranging and can involve disputes that relate to, but are not limited to, property investors, landlords, and local authorities. These disputes can be time consuming to address and can also cause distrust and disconnect between the parties. It is our mission to provide you with cost effective solutions, that preserve business relationships whilst also asserting your commercial objectives.

Our Team can assist you in all matters relating to or surrounding the following areas of law: 

  1. Property management: to include landlord and tenant disputes. We are able to assist with liaising with agents to meet your needs, and advise you on the implications of your agreements with respective tenants
  2. Disrepair claims: to include issues relating to the local authority and social housing providers
  3. Possession claims: to include issuing possession proceedings to evict commercial and residential tenants
  4. Advice in relation to assignment of leases


Our objectives are to ensure that your commercial interests are protected, whether this be advising you in relation to your interests in the aforementioned properties or advising you on how to minimise or mitigate any risks that may arise. 

Court proceedings can be expensive, time consuming and also emotionally distressing. Our business focus is directed at ensuring you are provided with realistic resolutions, and outcomes that are best suited to your needs. In most instances, we will advise you on the implications of settlement discussions at the early onset of your matter and to keep you fully appraised of the cost benefit analysis in proceeding.

For commercial properties, we are able to advise commercial landlords on the implications of respective leases, and assist in property management to include, but not be limited to, rental management, rental arrears, assignment clauses and alienation clauses. 

Your business and commercial needs are always our priority, and our specialist team of contemporaneous lawyers are here to achieve the best solutions specifically for you. Any dispute will always have a solution.