Exploiting your Intellectual Property

You've created your Intellectual Property, now we can help you protect and monetise it.

By granting a license to a third party to use your Intellectual Property, you can benefit from all the work you have carried out in the development of your product, whether that be a physical distribution agreement, or a software licence agreement.

We can assist you in creating the mechanism to exploit your product through licence agreements.

Licence Agreements

By understanding your business, we'll work with you to draft the most appropriate solution for your business.

A licence agreement can be used in many different circumstances but in its purist form it allows one party to make use of the property of another for commercial gain.

Licence agreements can allow businesses to expand their reach, or give business

owners access to a proven model for growth.

Whether you are the licensor or licensee, we have the experience to prepare the right agreement for your needs. We can even negotiate the best deal or outcome on your behalf where necessary.

Through our work across a multitude of industries ranging from tech to hospitality, our team has the practical experience and specialist knowledge to provide the right balance of protecting your interests and meeting your commercial needs and expectations.