KaurMaxwell is making a difference for students in Kenya

company - Dec 20, 2022

Being able to make a difference and provide support where needed is at the forefront of KaurMaxwell's values. 

KaurMaxwell has been following and supporting, Project Volunteer, a charity who, amongst other projects, provide sanitary products and school uniforms to schools in Kilifi, Kenya. It is important to recognise that what can be an ordinary, accessible product for some, is unattainable for others. This causes significant detriment to their education and life in general. 

KaurMaxwell is delighted to hear that the support provided thus far to Project Volunteer has already helped to significantly increase the girls' attendance at school. We have been informed that, prior to KaurMaxwell's involvement, the number of girls missing school due to the lack of sanitary products, on average, was around 60%. This was reduced to less than 20% as of September 2022. 

Knowing that we contributed to empowering and shaping the future of these girls is what drives our successes. We look forward to facilitating many more positive impacts as we continue to work for what is right.

If you would like to find out more or donate to this amazing charity, please visit: