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Wills are very important documents. Not only do they ensure that your assets are left to the people you want to benefit, they can ease the process of dealing with your financial affairs on your death. Your will can also determine who you wish to appoint as a guardian for your children and can also save you and your family money and protect their future.  

Without a will, your assets will be distributed in accordance with the Rules of Intestacy. This sets out a line of family members who should receive your assets, which may not be in line with what you want. To avoid this situation, we can assist with preparing a valid will for you, according to your wishes and help you nominate a suitable person as executor and trustee.  

Given the authority your will provides in handling your affairs, is important that it is properly drafted and kept up to date to reflect changes, such as by inserting a codicil. Making a will is the only guarantee that your wishes will be carried out with certainty in the instance of your passing away.

At KaurMaxwell, we handle instructions relating to wills with professionalism, discretion, and sincerity. We will ensure that your will is tailored to your circumstances and will guide you through the process in a clear and practical way.


Trusts are a useful structure to manage and safeguard assets and different types of trusts have different tax treatment. A trust is a legal arrangement where trustees hold assets for the benefit of beneficiaries. 

Clients use trusts for various reasons, such as, including it in their will, setting it up during their lifetime for effective tax planning purposes and even create them to protect the interests of a disabled relative or minor beneficiary.

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