New Year, New Resolutions….how to have a healthy approach to remote working

Every year, we all make those famous New Year resolutions, but do we actually stick to them and does it really matter?

2020 was a year like no other and one that will always be remembered when the UK (and the world) entered into unknown territory. All of a sudden, our lives were disrupted like never before against a virus that we are still learning about nearly 12 months on. For many people, our eyes became wide open, new feelings and thoughts were being felt and that urge of wanting to achieve and conquer those goals and dreams that you had put off for so long were now a top priority.

So here we are in the second week of January 2021…have you stuck to those resolutions or feeling like what is the point? Do not beat yourself up if you have not stuck to them, we are still living in difficult and trying times and remember, it is ok to not be ok!

Your personal achievements are just as important as your career achievements so always believe in yourself.

  • Is there a dream job out there but you have been scared to go for it…GO FOR IT AND APPLY!
  • Do you feel you should be promoted at work but have been holding back…GO FOR IT!
  • Is there a weight you wish to reach…GO FOR IT, YOU WILL ACHIEVE IT!
  • Want to go back to college or university to achieve that qualification but feel you are too old…GO FOR IT, YOUR NEVER TOO OLD!

Are you still having to work from home? Are you missing those 5-minute catch ups with the team whilst making coffee? Are you missing colleague interaction and missing that office banter? Here are some top tips for a healthier approach to remote working:

  • Get dressed as if you were about to start your normal commute (but remember you now have the pleasure of having an extra hour in bed not to mention those £’s you are saving!). This will set you up for the day ahead.
  • Have that designated workspace so when your there, its time to work but when it is time to take a break you can step away.
  • ALWAYS take a break. If you have to, force yourself to take a break and switch off. Go for a walk, get some fresh air, have a healthy lunch (or that fast food you have been craving!).
  • Do not just switch off from work related matters but switch off from all social media. Are you one of them people who step away from the laptop/desktop but continue to browse LinkedIn and emails from your mobile? DON’T, you deserve that break!!
  • Stay connected to your work colleagues and if you are struggling, reach out to your team or management. When we are not physically connected to our colleagues, it is harder to read body language or the tone to get a sense of what people are thinking and feeling. Don’t ever feel like you’re alone and always communicate your feelings and be as transparent as possible. You will feel less stressed knowing you have that support around you.
  • Never feel like you cannot express yourself through your voice and appearance. ALWAYS have confidence in yourself and build a great network of people around you.

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