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No one is automatically entitled to make decisions for you in the event you cannot manage your affairs due to illness, injury, or age. Forward-planning and creating a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA), will provide you the comfort of knowing that your trusted attorney is there to assume responsibility for making decisions on your behalf.  

Your attorney can be your family, a close friend or a trusted adviser, such as your solicitor. The important thing is that the decision to appoint them has been made you. It also means that they are aware of this responsibility rather than it coming as a surprise and you can discuss how you wish decisions to be made. There are two different types of LPAs, one deals with Property and Financial Affairs and the second provides authority to make Health and Welfare decisions. It may be appropriate for you to have both, or just one and depending on your circumstances, we can advise you accordingly.  

There is never a time limit in having LPAs drafted, but if you are thinking of making a will, it may be prudent to also consider these at the same time as it means you can have peace of mind knowing that if an unforeseen incident takes place, your affairs and finances can still be arranged and dealt with to support you and your family.  

What would happen if an LPA is not in place and you lose capacity to manage your own affairs?

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