Intellectual Property Solicitors, London. International.

KaurMaxwell provide a fully integrated and holistic approach to intellectual property matters from the earliest stages of design protection through to robust defence of protective brand rights in the courts.

KaurMaxwell’s intellectual property team deliver relevant, agile and cost-effective advice to best protect and exploit your commercial ideas.  We are here to shield the effort and determination associated with the continuous innovation and investment required to bring a new idea to fruition, whilst simultaneously supporting flexibility, development and marketing.

The intellectual property team at KaurMaxwell offers expert guidance on a wide range of issues:-

  • Advice on design and brand protection
  • Guidance on trademarks and patents including registration protocols
  • Expert information and input on domain names, data protection issues and GDPR
  • Copyright problems
  • Support on trade secrets and know-how
  • Non-disclosure and confidentiality
  • Infringement
  • Licensing
  • Assignment
  • Management of reputation
  • Guidance through the world of social media
  • A powerful litigation team to defend your intellectual rights in court should the need arise
  • Advice and strategy on the commercial implications of certain actions and policies with regard to brand protection

Our stated remit is to protect you and your brand with step by step guidance through all the relevant registration processes through to robust defence of brand rights via litigation and everything in between. Let KaurMaxwell support your innovation along the road to commercial success, and enjoy expert and meticulous professional guidance which place the intellectual property team at KaurMaxwell streets ahead of the competition.

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