Cryptoassets, Blockchain, and Smart Contracts

Cryptoassets, Blockchains, and Smart Contracts Solicitors, London. International.

The emergence in recent years of the blockchain and cryptocurrency phenomena provides companies with exciting opportunities, but such benefits also come with the possibility of cyber-risk, particularly as such technology is largely operating in unchartered legal territory.

KaurMaxwell’s blockchain expertise offers strategic regulatory and transactional guidance to companies in nearly every sector such as:

  • Tech companies building content and databases
  • Banking, insurance and other financial services companies reducing transaction processing times
  • Healthcare companies using tokens to secure medical records
  • Agricultural and industrial companies improving their supply chain logistics solutions.

We are capable of assisting companies at every stage of the business life cycle, from early-stage start-ups raising funds through blockchain enabled means to commercial institutions operating at the intersection of finance and technology.

Our cross-practice platform leverages the collective experience of lawyers from our corporate, securities, tax, IP, regulatory and other relevant practices to help clients across all sectors navigate the evolving legal landscape. We are able to advise on issues relating to:

  • Initial coin offerings, token generation events and similar blockchain-enabled methods of raising funds
  • Anti-money laundering sanctions and similar regulations
  • Money transmission, currency conversion and similar money services, including KYC requirements
  • Commodities issues created by certain token models
  • Tax considerations, including international structures and tax rationalisation
  • Intellectual property protections, including open source matters, smart contracts and IP transfers and management
  • Worldwide data protection compliance and cybersecurity matters

Our professionals operate worldwide to advise on leveraging the blockchain in nearly any sector for any type of project. Let us put our experience to work for you.

Legal issues relating to blockchain and cryptocurrency:

  • Your legal rights and obligations
  • Contractual issues including breach of contract
  • Jurisdictional and cross-border advice
  • Insuring cryptocurrency and other cyber risk security issues
  • Fraud
  • Insolvency and forensic legal advice

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