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The strength of our insolvency and restructuring team comes from years of experience advising extensively on a wide range of both contentious and non-contentious insolvency matters of both a corporate and personal natures.

A successful restructuring needs a viable underlying business, although typically the business will be burdened by too much debt, which means it cannot service interest and principal repayments when they fall due.

Different solutions are available depending on the level of the distress, including:

  • A quick fix change to current management
  • A consensual restructuring, using a standstill agreement and restructuring agreement
  • A non-consensual restructuring such as a pre-pack administration
  • A formal liquidation or enforcement of security

In times of uncertainty, distress and hardship we will work with you to protect and realise value in difficult situations. Restructuring can be beneficial for any business and may help save it from total collapse. Some benefits of restructuring include:

  • Greater returns on liquidation
  • Less publicity
  • More flexibility
  • Existing management/directors are retained
  • Less stigma than liquidation

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