Brand Protection and Exploitation

Brand Protection and Exploitation Solicitors, London. International.

We can advise you on not only how to protect your intellectual property (which may include your brand, software, designs, business models etc), but also how to exploit it in such a way that helps secure the future of your business.

Our team have experience not only in advising clients as to how best to protect and leverage their intellectual property, but also have had personal experience of their own in such matters, having worked in both multi-national organisations and themselves been founders of start-ups.

Below are examples of some of the areas in which we can help;

  • Global trade mark, domain name and design registration
  • IP audits
  • Helping to protect your intellectual property by taking action against a third party’s breach
  • Setting up commercial arrangements to utilise your intellection property, such as licensing, franchising, and white-labelling
  • The sale and purchase of intellectual property, which may include structural reorganisation

In short, we have experience in securing, exploiting and protecting all areas of intellectual property.

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