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We at KaurMaxwell believe that settling a matter in Court is not the only option. Our Dispute Resolution team suggest various type of alternative dispute resolution to our client before we ultimately request the Court to decide on a matter.

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) provides a confidential dispute resolution mechanism outside of a court of law, by which a dispute or difference is submitted to an impartial individual(s), either for determination or to assist the parties in reaching a negotiated resolution of their dispute. The mechanism can lead to a binding resolution if provided for in the agreement by which the parties agree to submit their dispute to ADR. ADR has no statutory basis and is generally not regulated by prescribed rules and regulations (except in relation to some cross-border mediations).

There are a variety of different forms of ADR processes and the main ones can broadly be divided into either facilitated processes or imposed decisions. There are also a number of more minor forms of ADR which may be appropriate in certain circumstances.

It is always important to consider which type of ADR process is more appropriate and in some cases it may be that a combination of them may be most effective.

As every matter is different, we offer a bespoke solution suitable to the size and complexity of each case.

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