KaurMaxwell. London. International.

A fierce team, KaurMaxwell is an independent law firm with offices in London and strong connections worldwide.

Our Impact

‘Your business, our priority.’ At KaurMaxwell, your problems, whether business or personal, are our priority. We approach matters with a view to solving them in the most cost effective and diligent way possible.

Whether you are an individual or a company, we pride ourselves in delivering a first-class and no-nonsense service to our clients. Talented individuals are carefully hand selected to cater to your needs and deliver you commercially tailored solutions.

We thrive to attain the best outcomes for our clients and are consistently relied upon to vigorously defend their interests and to achieve unparalleled results. As a boutique firm, we are selective about the clients we take on, as our clients become part of our vigorously protected family, where they can rely on us to always provide them with the best results.

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Clients and Associations

Our talented team represent companies, partnerships, individuals, start-ups and many more. Our strong connections in the world of business ensures our clients benefit from a wealth of experience, no matter what their needs are.

Our objective is to deliver all our clients with the best service and always thinking outside of the box.

See our lawyers’ individual profiles for what associations they are a part of. As a firm, at present we are members of The Honourable Law Society and the Society of Asian Lawyers.

Diversity and Inclusion

Creating a diverse and inclusive space for our team and clients is at the forefront of KaurMaxwell’s values. We believe the most successful businesses are ones where diversity and inclusion are championed.

Between us at KaurMaxwell, we speak over ten languages including Armenian, Hindi, Kurdish, Punjabi & Tagalog. Our different backgrounds, cultures and life experiences enable us to provide innovating ideas and more individual services to our clients.

We encourage diversity on all fronts, and regardless of an individual’s ethnicity, religion, gender, age, sexual orientation, disability or social economic background, we endeavour to be the law firm of choice for better representation in the legal industry.


Representing clients on a global scale gives us the empowering ability to deal with matters from a wider and more commercial perspective. Our strong connections in the world of business ensures our clients benefit from a wealth of experience, no matter what their needs are.

We regularly advise our clients on multi-jurisdictional transactions and have many non-domicile and overseas clients. We pride ourselves in finding innovative ways to resolve your issues and find you opportunities.

Meet our Team

We are a boutique law firm and select only the best lawyers in their respective fields, offering a wide range of legal and related services to companies and individuals.